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We warmly welcome you to our Dental Practice Ippendorf in Bonn where we have been taking care of your dental health for over 30 years. Our aim is to offer you dentistry at the highest medical level and to always look after you personally and kindly. You can look forward to a modern, digital and highly qualified practice in which you will feel comfortable and in good hands. The aim of our work is to achieve harmony between health, function and aesthetics, and to ensure excellent results in the long term. We are always on the cutting edge of dentistry and are equipped with the most modern equipment and materials to provide you with the best possible treatment. Our friendly and experienced office staff always ensures ideal treatment procedures and a pleasant feel-good atmosphere. We are characterized by the fact that we work extremely carefully and conscientiously and always take plenty of time for you in order to meet all of your individual wishes and needs.

As the midpoint between Röttgen, Ückesdorf, Lengsdorf, Poppelsdorf and the Venusberg we are in central location in Bonn Ippendorf, therefore easily reachable by walk, car or the public transport.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Sincerely, Dr. Ena Fandel, Dr. Wolfgang Trude & the practice team

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Preventive care and Oral Hygene – The care and the preservation of your natural teeth is our top priority. Therefore we assign particular importance to preventive measures and protective therapy options. Regular preventive care and prophylaxis offer you better long-term oral health and overall well-being. We take a lot of time to examine your teeth, the gums and the entire oral cavity and give you valuable tips on how to further optimize your daily dental care routine. In doing so, we will respond to your wishes and needs and develop an individual and personalized preventive concept to give you the best possible protection and preservation of your teeth. A professional tooth cleaning is an important element in maintaining your dental health. With the aid of the most modern technology (Airflow powder blasting unit), the plaque, tartar and discolouration (coffee, tea, nicotine) and irregularities in the tooth surface structure are gently removed and the teeth are finally polished. This not only makes the teeth shine brighter, but also makes it difficult for plaque to re-deposit and prevents the development of tooth decay or periodontitis. In addition, we give great importance to the prevention and care of the teeth of children and pregnant women, simply because the oral hygiene starts at the earliest childhood. On request, we can assist you with the help of our recall system, to remember the regularity of the preventive appointments and the check-ups, in order to act in advance and avoid long-term diseases.

Gum disease treatment – Periodontitis is a bacteria-based inflammation of the periodontium, the tooth-surrounding tissue. It is usually noticeable by an unpleasant smell, gum bleeding or gum recessions. If left untreated, these inflammatory reactions lead to the loss of the tooth-bearing tissue and even tooth loss, as well as affecting the entire body. It is a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, rheumatism, pregnancy complications and more. Since every person is different and the clinical picture has different characteristics, we will choose a therapy planned especially for your needs. Our aim is the prevention by an ideal individual preventive concept and the treatment of an already existing periodontitis disease. This includes a thorough examination, instruction and advice on the daily care, professional cleanings in several stages, if necessary complementary treatments and good long-term, regular aftercare.

Bleaching – Teeth whitening by means of bleaching has meanwhile become a very important part in the aesthetic awareness of our teeth. With modern and gentle methods, it is possible to make the teeth shine brighter and more beautiful. A whitening treatment is always preceded by a professional tooth cleaning, in order to remove superficial discoloration and prepare the teeth for the actual whitening. Depending on the effect that you want to achieve, we offer different variations to meet your needs. There are several ways to bleach your teeth in the office or even at home. In our Dental Practice in Bonn Ippendorf we will explain all the possible options and find the treatment which suits your needs best.

Aesthetic improvements and enhances – Aesthetic perceptions are present and implemented in every area of dentistry. The goal of our work is to combine aesthetics, function and health and to give you the best possible therapy. Small but visible aesthetic improvements start with professional teeth cleaning and teeth whitening (bleaching). Further changes can be achieved through high-quality composite fillings. The most demanding results are achieved with extremely aesthetic ceramic covers (so-called veneers), crowns and bridges. Sometimes components from the fields of implantology, periodontics, root canal treatment and functional diagnostics are required to achieve a harmonious result. Due to our specialization and our focus on Aesthetic Dentistry, we offer you dentistry at the highest medical level in our Dental Practice in Bonn Ippendorf. We will gladly advise you about necessary treatments and help you to achieve a healthy and glowing smile.

Invisible braces – Clear aligners are transparent orthodontic devices and are used to align and straighten teeth. Compared to conventional dental braces, Invisalign does not use metal wires or brackets that require ongoing painful adjustments. After taking impressions a computer-aided three-dimensional image is created that shows the current status of your teeth and a customized treatment plan to achieve the desired outcome. The therapy time and number of aligners needed are estimated according to the complexity of the necessary correction. The aligners are created using industry-leading technology and are made of a special clear and allergologicaly harmless plastic using a high-precision 3D printer. The company’s clear align system has already been used to treat more than 10 million patients.

Composite Fillings and Ceramic Inlays – Plastic restorations are minor repairs when teeth must be restored due to tooth decay, accidents or when old amalgam fillings need to be replaced. We use high-quality and aesthetically pleasing composite filling materials for small to medium-sized tooth defects (e.g. hole in the tooth). These represent a cheaper filling choice but have the disadvantage that they usually have a shorter life span than gold or ceramic inlays. The physical properties tend to fail especially with larger tooth defects due to the higher load, which lead to the fact that fillings break and fall out. Here we rely on much more stable metal-free ceramic inlays and partial crowns, which, depending on their size, can even be produced digitally and extremely accurately in the same session, by means of our CEREC device. They consist of a higher quality, are aesthetically pleasing and represent the most biocompatible alternative for dental fillings. We are happy to discuss in a personal conversation which therapy option is the best solution for you.

Cerec produced Crowns and Inlays – Cerec is a high-tech, computer-controlled process for the direct production of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing inlays, onlays and partial crowns made of ceramics. These can be made in just one session. There is an impression-free, extremely precise optical scan of your tooth on the basis of which the ideal inlay is designed and then milled from a ceramic block. Thus, the new inlay can be produced and inserted on the same day. This state-of-the-art minimally invasive method offers many advantages, as it eliminates the classic impression, the need for a temporary restoration, and eliminates the need for a second appointment with another anaesthesia. Ceramic is closest to the properties of the natural enamel and not only meets the aesthetic requirements but is also metal-free and therefore biocompatible and allergen-free. Due to our specialization and our focus on Aesthetic Dentistry, we offer you with ceramic inlays and partial crowns the highest quality care for your teeth in our Dental Practice in Bonn Ippendorf.

Dentures, Crowns, Bridges and Veneers – Prosthetic reconstructions and high-quality, aesthetic dentures are what our Dental Practice in Bonn Ippendorf particularly stands out for. With our specialization and our focus on aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics we help you to have a healthy and glowing smile. It can be by means of recovery measures of individual teeth, multiple teeth, implants or even the entire dentition. Extensive prosthetic restorations, both fixed and removable, are carried out carefully and routinely at the Dental Practice Bonn Ippendorf. We are very keen to respond to your wishes and needs and to incorporate them in the treatment. Our focus is on a pleasant and attractive aesthetic design of the overall appearance and to give you a natural smile. Our metal-free veneers, crowns and bridges are made from verified, durable and aesthetically pleasing ceramic materials. Ceramic is closest to the properties of natural enamel and not only meets the aesthetic requirements but is also biocompatible and allergen-free. Each and every piece is produced individually by experienced dental technicians, so that the result is of high quality, an exact fit and looks highly aesthetic.

Endodontic Therapy – A root canal treatment is the removal of nerve inside of the tooth and the filling of the resulting cavity within the root. Maintaining your natural teeth is the primary goal of our work. Thus, even with a neuritis (nerve inflammation) caused by an accident or tooth decay, the tooth can be treated gently and effectively. In the past, such a tooth was usually removed, but nowadays when a root canal treatment is performed according to up-to-date medical standards, the tooth can often be preserved for a long time. For this purpose, we use only the most modern electrometric root length measuring devices and mechanical reprocessing instruments to increase the probability of success of your tooth preservation.

Implant dentistry – Implants enable us to replace lost teeth or close gaps in a safe and gentle way. Therefore, a modern and highly aesthetic option is offered to replace individual teeth, entire rows of teeth or even all teeth or to stabilize prostheses. Implants are placed in the jawbone and thus serve as an artificial tooth root. These can then be used as pillars for crowns, bridges and removable dentures, which means considerable comfort for your prosthetic restoration. The great chewing performance and the astonishing aesthetics are many times more satisfactory and improve your overall quality of life. In addition, arguably the most important feature is that an implant treatment completely bypasses damage to healthy neighbouring teeth, since the fixation takes place solely via the inserted implant. In our Dental Practice in Bonn Ippendorf we can decide together in which cases an implantation is necessary and suitable, individually and according to your wishes and needs.

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, Grinding, Clenching – Grinding, clenching, TMJ problems, or muscle aches have many causes and can negatively impact the entire musculoskeletal system. Bones, muscles and ligaments as well as the positions of the teeth and the occlusion play an important role. With a functional analysis, the cause can be identified, and many cases can be resolved by means of a splint therapy. Some treatments also require a restoration by means of dental prostheses in order to secure the long-term success of the therapy. Furthermore, in cases of complex physical pain we work interdisciplinary in Ippendorf and all over Bonn with orthodontists and physiotherapists to achieve a treatment according to your needs.

Children and adolescents – The prevention and care of teeth from an early age is very significant and is extremely important to us. We would like to make the visit to the dentist a pleasant experience for your child and to ensure a good lifelong oral health. The children are slowly and playfully accustomed to our visits in order to establish a long-term relationship of trust. We can advise you during your pregnancy, give you tips on care and nutrition after giving birth and look after our little patients at any age. Check-ups and individual preventive options are discussed together, and necessary treatments are carried out carefully. We take a lot of time to show the children the right dental care and to practice together. At the latest after discovering our ‚treasure chest‘ with small toys, the next visit is guaranteed!

Pregnancy and the desire to have children – Your dental health plays an important role in the desire to have a baby, pregnancy and even after giving birth in the dental health of your child. Due to the hormonal situation during the pregnancy expectant mothers are unfortunately prone to gingivitis and diseases. We advise you gladly and give you tips for the care, nutrition and discuss with you which preventive measures are useful and necessary during and after this period. Talk to us when you are thinking about having a baby, because necessary dental treatments should be completed before starting a pregnancy. Of course, after the birth, we also gladly take care of our little patients.

Fear of the dentist – The majority of the population is afraid of the visit to the dentist, some more the other less. We take this fear seriously and always strive to make your visit in our office as pleasant as possible. In a first harmless conversation we take a lot of time for your request, answer your questions and discuss the treatment options. The way to reach the goal is very individual and we can find out together which one suits you best.

Digital X-ray, CEREC and Intraoral Camera – We have the most modern dental equipment in order to offer you the best possible treatment and to make your visit to our Dental Practice in Bonn Ippendorf as pleasant as possible. Our digital X-ray reduces the radiation exposure many times compared to conventional methods. The CEREC device enables impression-free treatments in a single session using the most recognized full-ceramic materials. We use magnifying loups and also have an intraoral camera to create optimal working conditions and excellent results. Root canal treatments are carried out exclusively by means of state-of-the-art electrometric root length devices and mechanical reprocessing instruments in order to increase the probability of success of your tooth preservation. During a professional tooth cleaning we have the opportunity to use an Airflow device (modern powder jet device to remove stubborn discolorations), as a supplement to prophylaxis.

Our services of modern dentistry

Maintaining your natural teeth is our top priority, which is why we assign great importance to preventive measures and protective therapy options. In addition, we offer you the entire variety of services of modern dentistry, ranging from preventive procedures to complex full mouth prosthetic restorations. With our specialization and our focus on aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry and prosthetics, we aim to help you to achieve a glowing smile while always having pleasant treatments and visits in our office.

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Thanks to our central location between Röttgen, Ückesdorf, Lengsdorf and the Venusberg, we are in Bonn Ippendorf very easy to reach both by car, foot or public transport.

You will find free parking directly in front of the practice as well as in the neighbouring streets.

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If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, you are always welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail.We are looking forward to your visit.

Sincerely, Dr. Ena Fandel, Dr. Wolfgang Trude & the practice team

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